International Toolkit

Have you ever wanted to have an impact on a global scale? The following suggestions will allow you to have an international impact in stopping trafficking.

  • Learn how to be a caregiver to sex trafficking survivors in 12 different languages.

  • This elementary geared internationally minded curriculum, created by Awana, will help you teach safety tools to children.

  • This 9 lesson study looks at different forms of human trafficking, God's heart for the exploited and what the Christian's response should be.

  • This interactive tool that transcends culture and uses the power of story telling to educate individuals and communities on how to protect themselves and others from falling prey to human traffickers.

  • Born2Fly has awareness materials and curricula in many different languages. Their goal is to protect children all around the world.

  • If you want more resources make sure to visit this online library and view their comprehensive resource list.

  • This card will help you identify which language someone speaks.

  • Polaris Project materials for foreign nationals living in the US.

  • This website has information about human trafficking and the church's response.

  • Tearfund's international church mobilization materials.