Church Toolkit

We believe that the Church plays a vital role in the fight against trafficking. Below are ways to get your church educated and involved.

  • This 7 lesson curriculum is  being developed with three goals:
    1) To educate children and families about the issue of human trafficking
    2) To prevent children from becoming victims
    3) To empower children and their families to make a difference

  • Freedom Sunday is a day where believers and communities come together in prayer and worship on behalf of those who are trafficked. Join with churches around the globe on one Sunday where the church service is dedicated to fight trafficking and educating their congregations as we lift up our voices to God for those who are the most needy. If your church is unable to join in, feel free to host a Freedom Sunday (or Saturday if that is your Sabbath) any Sunday (or Saturday) of the year using these materials which includes Stop the Traffick's Freedom Sunday packet, Bible Studies, Prayer guides, and posters.

  • This study will give you tools to stop trafficking before it starts in your own home/community. If every adult (and specifically, parent) was aware of the issues and complexities surrounding labor and sex trafficking, they could take steps so that their children would be protected and the supply would cease.

  • This guide will walk you through how to run a prayer event and topics and scriptures to pray through.

  • The Salvation Army created this prayer guide to help people effectively pray about trafficking.

  • This 9 lesson study looks at different forms of human trafficking, God's heart for the exploited and what the Christian's response should be.

  • Engage Together has put together a beautiful resource  and engagement guide for churches and faith communities.

  • Find out how to get your congregation trauma-informed

  • Tearfund's international church mobilization materials

  • Hang these posters to bring awareness to your community.

  • Human trafficking is run on the principle of supply and demand. Are you contributing to the demand?