School Toolkit

It's important to teach children about trafficking before they are victims of it. Below are some resources to help educate your school or university about trafficking.

  • Live2Free exists to challenge a generation to make personal choices that recognize the dignity of the individual and the responsibility of consumers to slow the demand that drives modern day slavery; and to network with others to rescue, rebuild and restore broken lives of victims worldwide. Check out their facebook page.

  • This kit, created by Polaris Project, will help students, teachers and parents find their fit in preventing and fighting human trafficking in their schools (aimed at college age).

  • National Educators to Stop Trafficking is a comprehensive clearinghouse that serves to empower and equip educators by providing youth-focused prevention resources to those committed to eliminating sex trafficking in their communities.

  • This sheet, created by the department of education, tell you about human trafficking and how it is affecting your school.

  • This elementary geared  internationally minded curriculum, created by Awana, will help you teach safety tools to children.

  • This is an in-depth tutoring guide by is designed specifically to help students who find a large classroom setting challenging. Whether it be learning difficulties or simply the inability to stay engaged with the required classwork, the guide covers the benefits of different types of tutoring, resources that are freely available, as well as tools specifically designed for students with learning disabilities.

  • has compiled a list of the best scholarship search platform, as well as how to use them in order to help  students with disabilities to find more opportunities to fund their college education.