Change Agents

Also available in Spanish

We know that human traffickers target children under the age of 14. Change Agents is a 7 lesson curriculum geared for students 8-13 years of age. This curriculum was uniquely designed with an understanding of student’s cognitive abilities and their faith development.

The curriculum was developed with three goals:

1) To educate children and families about the issue of human trafficking
2) To prevent children from becoming victims
3) To empower children and their families to make a difference

We believe that there is no more powerful agent of hope, restoration, and prevention, than the Church. Because of this belief, we are equipping our children to take an active role in ending human trafficking. Change Agents guides church leaders to instill God's truth of self worth and love for students so they do not become vulnerable to the deceptions of traffickers.

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We also have Change Agents available in Spanish. You can purchase Agentes de Cambio here.

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Change Agents Action Kit

After your students go through the Change Agents curriculum they might be thinking, "I want to do more"! Well we have just the thing- check out our Action Kit and find out 10 things YOU can do to help end human trafficking.

Thank you for joining this movement to equip our children with education that will protect their lives and the lives of others!